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A new project aimed at young people is about to be launched and promoted by the Municipality of Piacenza with the Arco Cooperative, the Cosmonauti Association and the Pignone Bicycle Workshop. The project will also be carried out in Albania, in collaboration with the Municipality of Klos. The activities are financed by the Emilia Romagna Region (Ufficio di Gabinetto della Giunta) among the projects of international importance.

The causes of the 2020 pandemic crisis, which has led us all to serious restrictions, have aroused in the new generations interest in outdoor activities and specifically: urban horticulture, self-production of food and sustainable mobility.

The project to meet these interests propose: in the field of agroecology, care and regeneration of green spaces the transformation of a part of green area of Space 4.0 in a vegetable garden workshop accessible to young people of the city. As for sustainable mobility, we can only think of the bicycle where economic sustainability, environmental and accessibility make it the trump cards to prefer it to other means of transport. The project offers information events and workshops on the use and care to be able to keep their own two wheels and how to deal with the small accidents that may occur.

The horticulture workshop, which will be held in the spring of 2023, plans to involve in total about 20 young people of the association Cosmonauti ,30 young people from the 15-35 age group who are attending secondary schools in the city of Piacenza and province, students attending the Faculty of Agriculture at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and those who do not fall into these categories but are interested in the world of horticulture, reforestation and urban regeneration will be reached through a special online and offline media campaign.

As for the intensive workshop maintenance of the bicycle, it is believed to accommodate about 15 people between young people and adult participants and to involve at least 4 young people in the conduct of the laboratory. While the meetings for high school students are expected to reach about 60 students involving 2 young people in the conduct of the meetings, in the two guided bike rides will involve 50 people and 5 young people in the conduct of events. The young people we would like to identify are high school students or university students, recent graduates and unemployed job seekers, who demonstrate sensitivity on the subject of environmental sustainability and interest in DIY(do it yourself).

The activities in Klos will be on similar themes and the project involves a distance exchange between groups of young people in Italy and Albania. In a future episode we will present the activities and territory of our partners, so stay tuned!

If you want more information you can write to politichegiovanili@comune.piacenza.it